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My name is Dolores and I am from the beautiful mesmerizing city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. For you it is probably more known as the King's Landing from Game of Thrones TV series. It is a stunning historical city surrounded by massive walls and currently under the protection of UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Dubrovnik by Daniel Pavlinovic from Storm Chasers Dubrovnik
I graduated cum laude (lat. with praise) from the University of Dubrovnik where I continue my graduate studies in Media at the Communicology department. Even as a young child I was fascinated with artistic expression in every form; singing, dancing, playing music, drawing, crafting, writing stories... And that fascination continues today stronger than ever. 

I am self taught at sculpting, drawing and playing guitar which are my biggest passions. I am immensely inspired by my beautiful surroundings but my inspiration is additionally fed with my fascination for all things natural: forests, oceans, mountains, skies... Things that are bigger and older than all of us. So, many times I find myself using semi-precious stones, antlers, wood, seashells and other nature's goodies. It's a way for me to merge two worlds together: the 'real' one and my internal one.

Myself at the Old City harbour facing the island of Lokrum
My roots are from a tiny village of Doli, old countryside filled with pines, olive and fig trees but also from the rural continental part of Croatia. Those two completely separate worlds, continental and coastal one, merge within me.  It is one of the reasons why my love for both forest and sea treasures can never be tamed.

I am so very grateful to each and every single person I encounter on this journey. I am thankful for those who inspire me, for those who give me a reality check when I need it, for those who pick me up when I stumble, for those who reach out to encourage me and to those who simply take a few seconds to like, share or comment on my artworks.

If there is anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer it the best as I can! <3 All the info regarding my arts & crafts can be found at the FAQ section. Thank you for reading and taking an interest in me and my art!

- Dolores -

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