NEW: Forest Spirit Crystals - oddly wonderful whispy creatures

I am so happy to finally be able to present these little fellas with you. It is a design I have been thinking about a lot lately and wanted to create a good prototype before I start on an entire collection. After great joy of developing and sculpting these cuties, here they are!

Welcome to the world, FOREST SPIRITS!

Forest spirits (or The Ancient Ones) are very old forest dwellers who inhabit hearts of deep woods. Seeing them is a rare occasion and befriending one even more rare. They keep away from humans but you can get on their good side by gifting them something shiny. Since they are sunny creatures who above all need fresh air to survive, they developed a fascination with anything that comes from underground so they are especially grateful for gifts of gemstones. They are mostly benevolent though sometimes they can't resist their mischievous side.

Each Forest Spirit sits on it's own raw calcite gemstone. This calcite originates from a small village called Doli (located in Dubrovacko primorje, Croatia) where my dad is from and where my grandmother still lives to this very day. There is nothing I enjoy more than walking in the nature and collecting nature's goodies I can use in my art. 

The ground of Doli is very rich with calcite and quartz and I am not sure many people even know this or search for these gemstones. Limestone is great environment for the forming of calcite, especially more wet areas, where water naturaly gathers or where you happen to know water runs underground. You will know you found calcite if you put it in vinegar and it starts releasing 'bubbles', almost like a soda.

I am in love with his raw form and I don't think I will ever take these to be polished and shaped. I also keep it's gray and brown areas as I feel this adds even more beauty.

Each creature has it's own personality and that's when the fun of being an artist kicks in. I really allow myself to make each piece so different with a look of it's own. They inspire me to the point that I could write a story about each of their lives but through the sculpts I hope to convey at least a fraction of that whimsical fantasy world.

Every single creature is handsculpted from scratch, no molds were used in the creation. They are consisted of high quality polymer clay and are meticulously painted and glazed with several coats for lovely shine and protection. Necklaces are one of a kind and non replicable! Various other mixed media is used including glass and metal findings.

PRICE RANGE: from 30 USD to 50 USD
Due to the handmade nature of these designs and uniqueness of the stones, some might cost less or more than stated above. 

Custom orders for Forest Spirits are NOT available. Replicating a same necklace is NOT possible. Please keep in mind that everything is unique and once a necklace is sold, it's done, no other identical will be available. So if you see something you like, please make sure to grab it on time or to message me to reserve an item for you. 

Forest spirits in this form are creatures of my own design. Please do not copy in any way.

Some of these are already available and the rest will be in the shop on February 5th, in the next shop update. I am already planning a couple of Autumn themed spirits as my imagination is running wild with possibilities. Do you have any suggestions for colors and themes?

If you have any questions about these creations feel free to ask. I love your comments and critiques!



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