Dragons and Druids - new batch!

I've been haunted by the druid theme lately. Druid apothecary - to be more precise. Working on druid vials really gave a new dimension to my understanding of clay since it is such a different process from what I usually do. There is a great sense of freedom in letting youself make each creation so different and so unique so when I sculpted these, I didn't have anything particular in mind, I just went with the flow. 

I have always loved vial keepsake jewelry but with time I grew more and more sick of just putting something in a pre-made glass bottle and calling it 'art'. Most of the time, the pieces I found were just simple assembling and not really 'art' as I see it so I wondered what idea could I develop to create intricacte keepsake pieces and it collided with my latest obsession with tree bark textures and woodland scenes. Not to mention that I love the outcome and can't wait to make more. <3

I leave the vials empty so each person can put their own keepsakes in but if you ask me, they are pretty special just on their own. Vials vary in price from 20$ - 40$ and contain a bunch of mixed media such as semi-precious stones, crushed beads, rhinestones etc. 

All of the above creations (except the druid terrarium lantern pictured above) are available.

Regarding my new dragon batch, this time around I am happy to say I focused on brooches which is something I haven't done in a while. I tried several new styles, especially with wings and I wish to start with my favorite: this colorful divine dragon brooch!

Colors on his body are vibrant gradients of shimmery greens, silver, blue and gold shades which gives him that ultra fairy-like look. His eye shows different colors depending on the angle from which you look at it. Another very fairytale-ish brooch features a pretty amethist stone. It's quite a small polished bit of amethist that blended well in the wing, just as I imagined it would.

Dragon and his pet bird is a special brooch made in honor of one of my very first dragons ever! I can't believe how much I have changed since.

Last, but not the least, one spring vial dragon necklace made it into the batch! 

All of the dragons are 35$ plus shipping and are all available in my shop. :)

And with these creations I say goodbye to February and hello to March that will hopefuly be just as productive. Spring is coming which might mean more floral beauties. ;)

Love, love, love


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