Ruins of Atlantis collection

I am so happy to be finally able to present you with full view at my latest collection. I have been a sea collector for several years now, collecting everything that sea has to offer - beach pottery, sea glass, shells, driftwood... There is really no telling what treasure you might find and what it's true origins are. Over the years I gathered so many stunning pieces that I just had to make a sea inspired collection. Story of a naval empire Atlantis was just as haunting and mysterious as the pieces I gathered so they make a match made in heaven. 

All the ''ruins'' that you see in these vials are completely and entirely sculpted by hand - no molds used in the creation. The statues, portals and amphoras have been sculpted on such a tiny scale, some measuring only around 5 mm which was a challenge but a wonderful one. Antiqued, mossy old stone surface was another challenge I gladly accepted and the efforts truly paid off. Using an older white paint proved to be a great move as the paint added natural 'cracks' and imperfections to the ruins. 'Moss' was additionaly added in Archival inks, a new medium I started recently using and the one that I am in love with.

I used real Greek architecture and amphoras as references which adds to the authentic look. I wanted to encapsulate an entire underwater scene, take something from an ocean world of eternal stillness and put it around your necks, a moment frozen in time. The worn out and ancient look was additionaly achieved with the use of my semi-petrified seashells. Some shells have just begun the process and some are already well underway. I find petrified shells more beautiful and precious than well preserved colorful ones, also they are certainly harder to find. All globes have dried herbs and some have raw calcite, genuine sea glass and various types of seashells. To bring a couple of them to an even higher level I added a tiny 'Map to Atlantis' scroll. :)

Collection is consisted of 8 glass globe necklaces: 4 smaller and 4 bigger ones so let's look at all of them. First the smaller sized globes. 

Amphora and a broken tip of a Doric column with petrified shell and map to Atlantis scroll

Ancient portal, sea glass and shell

Two Doric columns, one broken and leaning against the preserved one, both mossy and ancient looking with semi-petrified shell and sea glass

Remains of a temple entrance and large amphora with petrified shell and sea glass

The larger globes could fit bigger and more detailed pieces and it really allowed for more creative freedom.

Doric column and map to Atlantis, fluorite pieces, seashells and herbs

Large amphora with beautiful seashells and herbs with a map to Atlantis scroll

Ancient intricate portal with calcite and herbs

Doric column and amphora with semi-petrified seashell and 'sea weed'

All sea glass, shells and weeds I hand picked myself at the beaches of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Nothing is store bought but hunted for and collected with great pride and joy. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at this collection as much as I loved making it. It has inspired me immensely and certainly brought my sculpting skill to a new level. If you are interested in owning any of the pieces they will be available in my Etsy shop tomorrow, March 26th at 11 AM (UTC +1,  see your time zone to check the correct time in your country).

Do you have any favorites? Let me know!


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